The Ladder of Egotism

Peace, one and all…

Human beings climb the ladder of egotism, but in the
end everyone must fall from this ladder.
The higher you climb, the more foolish you are, for
your bones will be more badly broken.
When you die to yourself and come alive through God,
in truth you have become one with God, in absolute unity
Masnavi 4.2763-2767


6 thoughts on “The Ladder of Egotism

  1. Love your blog! You quote some of my favorite interfaith voices from over the centuries. Ah, the universal wisdom that is all around us–we just need to be Silent and Listen with our Inner ears!
    And, thanks for liking my “Thank you” post.
    Blessed be.

  2. Peace and love to you Linda,

    Welcome to my online home. May you be always blessed. You’re right – there’s so much inspirational goodness and love to be found there. We just have to open our eyes and ears and hearts. May we be blessed to do so.

    I look forward to some interesting discussions with you, God willing.

    Blessed be.

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
    It’s a process, isn’t it–shutting out the noise and developing a deeper Listening with the inner ears.
    Fortunately, as you implied, we have amazing teachers from the Wisdom of the ages and mentors who can give us a boost when we need a nudge about Remembering, Noticing, Listening to the Still Small Voice, and Being. I am so GRATEFUL for their wisdom, their shared guidance and for the tool of this technology, so we can connect with our Tribe, our Spiritual Family and all our Beloveds. And, what a great time to be alive!
    And, why “the vote of confidence”? Just goin’ through a bit of a rough patch right now. And, well, it is so heartening to be able to speak truth to a member of my Tribe, who I know will understand. And, my (society’s?) picture is that folks on a spiritual path, who have reached certain levels on their journey, never have rough patches any more and never doubt themselves! How silly! Where does THAT come from?!
    Anyway, thanks for listening and for sharing your teachers and masters. There is so much to learn, to feel, to deepen into, to Be–there’s not a minute to waste! Back to “work”–to Remembering, Noticing, Listening to my Still Small Voice, Laughing and Being with Joy and GRATITUDE.
    Blessed be!

  4. Do all to the Glory of God!
    As I begun studying the Bible seriously, with all the attention that I could muster, God allowed me to begin slowly to realize that my entire nature was very
    demanding and that my egoistical expectations resulted in me experiencing deep disappointments. In the course of time I learnt that Jesus can free us from our bondage to sin when we consciously and willingly surrender ourselves to God.

    Truly Jesus can prove who He is and what He can do. Truly He turned an erring egoist like me into a loving, self-sacrificial soul, to the glory of His name.

    Friends, no matter what it costs you ought to make every effort to become free from the sin of egoism and begin with God’s gracious help to wage a campaign against it. O yes, let’s be willing to place ourselves in God’s hands, so that He will encourage us make every possible effort to take up the fight against our egoistic thinking.
    Do all to the Glory of God and you will discover that God will powerfully bless you!

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