Readings from the Evrad-i Serif 1

Peace, one and all…

Our first Ramadan post starts with the opening of the Mevlevi wird (litany), known as the Evrad-i Serif.  It contains a number of beautiful prayers and affirmations and is an appropriate place to begin, with its focus on the peace and love of God.

In the Name of God, the Infinitely Compassionate, the Most Merciful…

1. Our Sustainer, You are Peace and from You comes all Peace and our ultimate return is to You, to Peace.
2. O our Sustainer, continually, You enliven us with Peace.
3. Allow us to enter Your Garden, the Abode of Peace.
4. O our Sustainer, bless us with Peace.
5. With Your Peace You have exalted everything, O Lord of Majesty and Infinite Generosity.  All praise and glory belongs to You.
6. Limitless are You in Your glory.  We could not worship You as You truly ought to be worshipped, O You who are worshipped.
7. Subtle are You beyond all knowing.  We could not know You as You truly ought to be known, O You who are the object of knowledge.
8. All praise is due to God who guides one to well-being.
9. I ask God’s forgiveness for my mistakes.
10. I bear witness that there is no god but God and that He is One and has no partner.
11. I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.
12. There is no god but God.  The dominion belongs to Him.  All praise is His.  He gives life.  He takes life.  He is Ever-living and never dies.  All goodness is in His hand.  He has power over all things.
13. There is no god but God.  All benefits are His.  All blessings are His.  To Him belongs the most exceptional beauty.
14. There is no god but God, the Possessor of the Most Ancient Oneness, that has no beginning and no end.
15. There is no god but God.  We worship none but God with sincere devotion to Him alone despite those who deny the Truth.
16. O my Allah!  No one can keep me from receiving what You bestow.  No one can bestow that which You do not wish someone to receive.  No one can act contrary to Your will.  No one can guide to the true Way the one whom You cause to stray.  No one can lead astray the one whom You have guided to the true Way.  No one can change anything about which You have made Your will clear.  Wealth cannot help the wealthy if Your help is not with them.
17. In the Name of God: when with whose Name one begins anything then nothing on earth or in the heavens may harm it.  And He is All-Hearing and All-Knowing.
18. (I begin) in the Name of God with my self and my Way.
19. (I begin) in the Name of God with my family and all that I own.
20. (I begin) in the Name of God with whatever my Sustainer has granted to me.  God is my Sustainer and never do I attribute any partner to Him.
21. God is dearer and greater than the things that I fear and are of concern to me.
22. How precious is Your protection and how great is Your uniqueness.  Exalted is Your praise.  How holy are Your Names.  And there is no god but You.
23. O God!  Surely, I seek refuge with You from the evil within myself, from the evil within others, from all tyrants, and from all obstinate oppressors,
24. and from the evil of every recalcitrant satan.
25.  ‘Truly, my protector is God, who sent down the Book: for it is He who takes into His protection the righteous ones’ (Quran 7:196)
26. ‘But if they turn away, say: ‘God is sufficient for me!  There is no deity except Him.  In Him have I placed my trust, for He is the Sustainer, in awe inspiring majesty enthroned’ (Quran 9:129)

I won’t be posting the entire Evrad-i Serif, but I will be posting passages that seem relevant, and that speak to our unfolding spiritual dialogue with Meister Eckhart.

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