Carl Ernst: Shams-i Tabrizi and the Audacity of Bayazid Bistami

Peace, one and all…

An interesting lecture by Carl Ernst, on Hz Shams-i Tabriz and Bayazid Bistami.  May it be of benefit.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


One thought on “Carl Ernst: Shams-i Tabrizi and the Audacity of Bayazid Bistami

  1. master Hich, one of the greatest interpreters of DIVAN SHAMS, Rumi s masterpiece, during 30 years of scientific, Cultural and artistic presence of his hard life, always was at service of his society and through these years he was capable of composing lots of rare books of which we will mention a few:

    A) Interpretation of Masnavi -Manavi (by Rumi) in 9 volumes titled as :

    Spiritual society

    Beyond Journey

    Voice of silence

    Living in fourth dimension

    The Lord of love

    Dream therapy

    Salvation in here

    The God’s sight

    Recreate! your future

    B) Interpreting, heading & decoding the entire DIVAN SHAMS (by Rumi) in 50 volumes that we will mention some of them:
    A ray of king’s love

    Look at that royal king

    Oh pure & purifier lord!

    Seeking world lord out

    The unseen lord

    Our majesty ,The king of goodness

    Towards the king

    The charitable lord

    He is my majesty

    The king of love

    The uplifting king

    How is that king beyond veil

    The love former king

    The Great appear from high majesty God

    Oh mere traceless You are the endless sea

    Moon in solitude

    You are the king of union

    Oh the mercy sun of mystery

    Divine genius

    A cup of pure light

    Sight without thou

    Chelipa of Saba

    Dance of Breeze

    Gift of Breeze

    Breeze in my mind

    I can’t move without breeze

    The amorous of Breeze

    The rise of Breeze

    C) Master Hich also engaged in artistic activities we will mention some of them:

    1) Writing the scenarios of King of hearts or divine king

    2) Manavi’s story Chosen from Masnavi’s tales ( by Rumi )

    3) House of balance (Family feature animation

    4) Covers(inspired from concepts of Divan Shams)

    D) Master Hich illustrated a new horizon and directs some works in Sun of Art by designing heart cards which resulted in coming up lots of priceless artistic works in that field, and his co-workers are already busy completing this job.

    E) Taking action to open workshops to find out Art bases from persian literary texts is one of Master Hich’s other unique activities in order to spread about pure hidden culture in ancestors works. After 5 years of opening these workshops in Sun of Art House it was inspiring to create lots of artistic works, such as: Script_writing, Play writing, Graphic Movie making ,Animating, Story-witting ,Toreutics, Imaginary arts ,Calligraphy, Music, Formed designing, Poetry and etc
    But his most unique activities is Decoding of “DIVAN SHAMS” after 725 years.
    It was for the first time in the world that such investigation was published (in 50 volumes) and set him among the rare (Shams researchers)all around the world, 3000 code from DIVAN SHAMS.
    This action can make divine genius known to all human-beings… It has to be
    mentioned we can’t introduce Master Hich through this.
    Hamid Goodarzi began to illustrate it by his works and exposure them in different exhibitions with the names Real Identity, True life, Virtual life and .

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