This Prison of Answers

Peace, one and all…

Beloved, I don’t have any answers.
All I have are my questions,
all those unknown mysteries
of life and and love and longing.
What a joy it is to be released
from this prison of answers!
What a blessing it is to be freed
from the tyranny of ‘knowledge’.
May our living humanity be sanctified
 that thereby our love might increase.
As long as my questions
lead me always to Your door,
then all is well, Beloved,
all is well.

10 thoughts on “This Prison of Answers

  1. Abdur, your poem reminds me of Ranier Maria Rilke’s musing; ” “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”

    I love the mystery of questions, being content of be embraced by the great cloud of the unknown. I’m strangely becoming more content there…it is a sacred divine space. Peace to you my friend.

  2. The ending of the poem, Abdur, is very good, for truly as long as our questions lead us always to God’s door, then all is well.

    Our trustworthy testimony is that answers from the Lord God do not imprison us, but release us from all forms of imprisonment and that true knowledge is not tyranny, but a majestical blessing of God!

  3. Thank you Josef for your kind words. God bless you always.

    You’re very right. Answers from God release us from bondage. Therefore, anything that entraps us, that imprisons us, that limits our sacred humanity is not from God.

  4. Peace Ron,

    That’s a great quote. Thanks for sharing. Also, we tend to regard answers as being definitive, and our human relationships with each other (and thus with God) are fundamentally open-ended.

  5. Friends, are you struggling right now with finding friends and developing meaningful, supportive relationships? Be of good cheer, for you don’t have to feel isolated, neglected and alone. Many of us go through seasons of intense loneliness, frustration and exasperation. Two decades ago I was a very lonely, frustrated person, but miraculously Almighty God released me from my prison of exasperation.

    Friends, if you are feeling terribly insecure and it seems that you are all by yourself on life’s journey? Friends, when it seems that you are alone in the world with no one to help you, can I encourage you turn to Jesus’ words, for when you study Jesus’ words
    sincerely you will optimise your chances of being blessed by God.

    Turn to Jesus by treasuring his words recorded in the holy Bible and let him bless your soul with restoration, refreshment and rest.

    O yes, persevere in studying Jesus’ healing words and you’ll discover that he will inspire, edify and challenge you to higher standards of purity! Let’s all
    yearn for the loving support and companionship of Jesus, for we know that when he blesses us we can encourage and help other people to grow to love him too!

    “Come unto me (Jesus), all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). God bless you all!

  6. God of Heaven, I thank You for the phenomenal treasured Father and Mother that You have given us in our parents. Their zest for life inspires me and many other people to love and cherish You even more.

    Where do I start uniquely beautiful and holy Lord God to thank, praise and worship You. Thank You for being who You are: a holy, righteous, gracious, wise, loving, merciful and forgiving God.

    Behold readers, what awesome courage and compassion is found in the Lord. Truly He is with us now and forevermore.

    I thank you wonderful God for blessing me and all your human creation with a body, a soul and a spirit. How blessed we are that you have made us unique amongst all your creation. We are immensely grateful for Your gifts of heart, mind, soul and conscience.

    How highly also do we cherish your gift of our five senses and all those talents that You keep surprising us with.

    Treasured God of heaven, I thank you for Your continuous ongoing love and faithfulness!

    What a Lord, the Lord God is. What an edifying, holy Spirit He has. Thank you great Friend of Friends for being so long suffering with us.

    Treasured readers, truly in the Lord God, the good Shepherd of our soul, we find fulfillment, meaning, purpose and direction that glorifies Him.

    As G.F. Handel so magnificently in his musical masterpiece The Messiah says, let’s shout to the Lord, for he is worthy to hear our shouts of pure praise.

    Treasured readers, as you know, prayer takes sacrifice and humility so dig into your Bible and study it diligently, so that God can strengthen you from week to week when you pray to him. I think that everyone desiring to honour God ought to study the Psalms very diligently! Make them a port where you call into frequently!

    May you say unto the Lord Thy pure presence, Lord, will I daily seek, so that I can honour you in my life more consistently.

    Friends, let’s commit ourselves to a life of serious and devoted prayer, for when wholeheartedly submitted unto our gracious God we all have the potential to affect the course of nations.

    Precious readers, may Almighty God bless you with a thirst for His presence through daily prayer and deepen your commitment to him, so that he can bless you to his glory.

    Exalted Lord God, without you we can do nothing. May you so bless us so that we decrease and you increase with each passing day and may you have a position of pre-eminence in our heart and life now and for ever! May God bless you all with a deeper love for his wonderful collection of Psalms.

  7. When love speaks, the heart listens. When the Beloved draws near, the lover falls silent. Beloved, Your love is all I have, and it is enough. When You are with me, what else could I need?

  8. One of the hardest lessons in life to learn is that man is more than a
    material creature.

    Before God can bless us with real rest of soul there are a number of
    battles we must willingly undertake to fight.

    Precious readers, I need to remind you that those who are clinging to
    a self-willed life are not wholeheartedly commited to trusting and
    obeying God. How do we discover truth in its beauty and love in its tenderness?

    We need to know that God is beautiful! His nature, character, speech and deeds are beautiful, loving, righteous and just. Let’s, therefore, worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness. Let’s make a commitment to trusting and obeying Him.

    Let’s make a wholehearted commitment to worshiping God in the beauty of holiness, for only His beauty of character is unfading and everlasting.
    Friends, in order to live more purely we need to start to see the self-willed life as sinful. Truly if we are enslaved to the self-willed life we ought to pray to God to remove the scales from our eyes, so that we can start regarding it as a type of leprosy.

    Holy God, help us to regard the self-willed life as something to be repulsed. Help us to start loathing it, so that we can turn sincerely to You, for You alone can rescue unregenerate man out of the slavery of the self-willed life.

    Friends, God’s awesome gracious gift of holiness never disappoints its possessor and it sheds its purifying influence to all both near and far away.

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