Become A Full Cup

Peace, one and all…

Beloved, resentment is a poison.
Why waste my life drinking poison?
Why not bless everything
that comes from Your hand,
and let that poison
become a full cup
from Your Ocean of Love?


8 thoughts on “Become A Full Cup

  1. Let’s praise Almighty God daily for blessing us with Jesus’ loving words and for bringing to our rememberance His compassionate deeds.

  2. Precious Abdur, Psalm 23 was one of the first Psalms I fell in love with. In verse 5 we read…my cup runneth over. What does the Shepherd of our soul give us to drink?
    truly His drink is always filled with faith, hope and love that nourishes us.

    King David testified that because the Lord was shepherding his life his needs
    would be provided for. Truly he didn’t want for faith, hope and love when he walked faithfully before God!

    Friends, you too can know the God of the holy Bible who restored King David’s soul and comforted him! Although David was often harassed unjustly by Saul Almighty God blessed him with the opportunity to minister to his “enemy” with his harp playing. Friends, may Almighty God bless you with the witness in 2012 that your cup runneth over with his blessings! Praise him for leading you in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake, for he is worthy of pure praise!

  3. Blessings to you, precious Abdur, and your whole family. Enjoy a really productive time together and march into 2013, with boldness, wholeheartedly desiring to hallow God’s name.

    Beautiful holy God, Yours alone is the light that lights our soul’s stage when spiritual blindness threatens to hold us caged in indefinitely.

    O light of glory and grace and our intelligent, compassionate, life-edifying Friend above all Friends, thank You for Your moment by moment most affectionate love.

    Pure, adorable Friend, You truly are God who is still unknown to the multitudes who continue unpeturbed to smoke late night television’s cigarette of muddled thinking.

    Pure, adorable Friend, help us to inform the uninformed that Yours is the glow of truth that offers solace to humble, broken and contrite seekers.

    Continue to teach us all not to trust in the false glitter of our own twitter and twaddle; so that Your glow has an opportunity to glow steadily more gloriously in us.

    Generous and gravious imparter of eternal wisdom, bless You that as we at sip the sweetness of Your holy Scriptures we can find You. Faithful Shepherd, we have all got our sums wrong.

    In Romans 3: 23 we read, ” For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of the Lord.” holy God, thank You for this true teaching.

    We thank You, praise You and adore You for Your song of victory that You sung and sing to us day by day through God Your powerful witness Jesus.

    Sinless God there is no Friend like You.

    You are fallen and redeemed mankind’s best Friend. Your name is committed to nurturing.

    Your love that knows no limits is available to young and old and all those yelling for spiritual insight somehere in between.

    Men and women who yell well, no matter how beaten up a human heart is under God’s nurture it can bounce back.

    Men and women who yell not so well, no matter how roughly the bite of boredom has bitten there is no bed of crushed dreams that can’t be risen from when the Spirit of God helps us up.

    Men and women with strange, yet sincere, sounds in your throat call now to Your friend of Friends.

    Call out thankfully and full of praise to Jesus and He will empower you to toss back the years and win back an inner cheer.

    Our eyes first met when I was unable to find my dancing shoes.

    Distraught, depressed, down in the dumps and directionless I discovered after the first whirl on God’s dancing floor that Jesus has a heart that is alive with beauty that is passionately promoting purity.

    I discovered to my amazement that even if You step on His toes from time to time He doesn’t tread on, tamper with or tear off your toes for He is self controlled love.

    You too can discover as I did that my and your God-inspired mission is to be cherished and treasured.

    Our mission as those desirous to trust and obey God is to speak of the sunshine of Jesus’ grace, fidelity, hope and love and to keep the yelling to a minimum when our sleepy-eyed wife complains about our often over-indulgent heaven-sent nocturnal noises.

    Beautifier of the unbeautiful, we commit ourselves to hallow You. Heavenly Lord God, You have given us the gift of faith and love so that our hearts can dance with calm assurance to the beat and ryhthm of righteousness that is found in Jesus.

    Continue to love us loyal lover of our soul; for without Your gracious, unmerited love many of us would not be able to kick box our way out of a kick boxing movie or have the understanding to avoid bowing down before false gods.

    Help us to grasp delightful, doting Creator, that the pursuit of Your character far outweighs in importance the pursuit of earthly aspirations.

    We shall trust You and Your exalted word, ully trusting that Your energy and enthusiasm will supply us with all the oomph we need to behave properly before God, wife and mankind.

    Love us more and more, lover of our soul, for without an increase in Your love many of us will not be able to fall out of love with our love affair with yelling for Your attention, when we should be giving our attention to our wife and children.

    Love us more and more, lover of our soul; so that we can fall into a love affair with You in which sonorous singing, sensible speech and periods of listening to You are highly esteemed.

    Bless You beautifier of the unbeautiful, that we can commit ourselves daily to hallow You in word and deed.

    Generous giver of life and wisdom, You have given us Your cherished bountiful gift of faith and love, so that our hearts can dance with calm assurance to the beat and ryhthm of righteousness that is found in Jesus.

    Faithful companion, henceforth though we be somewhat fickle and somewhat prone to foolishness we shall bow our heads before You.

    Henceforth, we shall endeavour to speak sensibly, and softly in Your ear without our usual tendency to silliness.

    Henceforth, especially on those ocassions when the fire of Your life-enhancing love brings our heart alive, we shall most joyfully and willingly dance and celebrate Your holy, righteous, gracious, forgiving, compassionate and healing loving presence and our shared friendship, on Your dancing floor where our bliss and Your patience knows no bounds. Amen.

  4. Abdur, I love the words that you’ve shared with us here, They are so good that I’ve decided to “steal” them and place them at the end of this very precious to me prayer just before the final amen.

    What words of truth and encouragement you’ve shared with us. Welcome,precious explorer for truth, to 2013 and welcome back to the world of endeavouring to write honestly and helpfully to Christian and non-Christian alike. May the year 2013 be a fulfilling, God-honouring year for you.

    Abdur, it’s an honour for me to share with you this very personal piece of writing. I hope that you and your readers can sense that I love dancing obediently and respectfully to God’s will.
    To God be the glory!

  5. To God be the glory, indeed!

    There’s nothing to steal, as all that is good here has come from God. In all truth, only the mistakes are mine.

    Welcome to every explorer for truth. May we all join love’s caravan, and follow it till it reaches its destination.

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