The Rose Stands Alone

Peace, one and all…

The wrecked heart has snared itself in your braided hair…
Slay it with a glance! A heart so trapped deserves it.

If you should give what our heart desires…
pour it into our hands, your gift is its own reward.

Such a rose doesn’t need exotic perfumes
but keeps a stash of fragrance deep in its pocket.

Ah, beloved, in the dark night alone
I burn myself up like a blazing candle.

I warned you songbird, at your first glimpse of love:
watch out! The rose stands alone and won’t be moved.

Forget the cheap lords of this passing world –
the treasure of your soul is a palace of its own.

Scorched to the core, Hafiz continues to flirt and tease
but in keeping the covenant he’s fidelity itself.
Hafiz Shirazi


3 thoughts on “The Rose Stands Alone

  1. Salams Salma,

    Thank you for your kind words. Welcome! May your painting be blessed.

    I looked at your website. Allah! Your painting is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world

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