I Am, If I Am Yours Alone

Peace, one and all…

‘Blanquerna said: ‘It is true, O Lord God, that there is no other god except You alone.  To You alone I offer myself to serve You.  From You alone I hope for forgiveness, for there is no other liberality nor mercy to forgive except Yours.  Humble I am if I humble myself to You.  Lord I am, if I am Yours alone.  I have victory over my enemies if I suffer for You.  With all that I am, a guilty sinner, I give myself to You alone and Yours alone I am.  Of You alone I beg forgiveness, in You I trust, and for You I endure trials.  Whatever may happen to me, let it all be to the one end of Your praise, honour and glory.  I will have no other Lord, for You alone I fear, from You alone comes my strength, for You I weep, for You I burn with love’
Ramon Lull, The Art of Contemplation 4:6


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