You Want Me To Give Up Drinking?

Peace, one and all…

You want me to give up drinking? What a stupid idea.
I have at least enough reason to reject such nonsense.

After beating the drum and strumming the harp on the path of wisdom
should I go back to dried-up piety? No thanks.

Go easy on those who abstain win from wine,
no one reaches love without the benefit of guidance.

I’ve become the slave of the one who released me from ignorance,
everything he does reveals the face of true communion.

I didn’t know where the path to the tavern would lead,
if I had I would have tossed my baggage sooner.

The stuck-up abstinent and pious or the wine-drunk poor one,
which of these enjoys your favour?

I couldn’t sleep last night, worried by the words of the preacher:
if Hafiz gets drunk, there’s going to be trouble.
Hafiz Shirazi


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