Omid Safi: God’s mirror, Mawlana’s mirror: Shams and Mawlana as Mirrors

Peace, one and all…

A lecture on Hz. Shams-i Tabriz by Omid Safi

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One thought on “Omid Safi: God’s mirror, Mawlana’s mirror: Shams and Mawlana as Mirrors

  1. The Word turns and continues to change. When the Semazen extends his arms and through turning,comes closer to thestill point of his heart with the essence of his being, all differences between traditions and modern times are dissolved for a limited and ecstatic moment.After the Sema everyone returns to his workwith greater certainly, in remembrance of the words of Hz Mevlana (r.a.) “When you plant an aaprico tseed in the earth without its shell, nothing grows : however if you plant it with the shell a beatiful tree will grow and bear new fruit.” There are laws which are valid forever, and ther eare habits that should never become law. May God grant us the wisdom of discrimination between law and habit, and may God give us the necessary strenght to actaccordingly!

    Irrespective of thefactthatthe Works of Hz Mevlana (r.a) which have become very popular, are also being used as a basis for grossly sentimental and superficial publications,and irrespective of the fact that self made teachers are offering their services as spiritual masters for monetary reward in the name of Mevlana (r.a.) orthe Mevlevi…
    Rumy thinks that thebeauty of natüre is “ straight from the mysteries from within the inner court of God.”This idea is consistent through out Rumy’spoetry in the sense of nature could be praising life, showing how beaitiful life is and how it is a product of God. All the aspects of natüre praise their creator with their beauty or natüre is symbolic in of how people should be praisingGod. All these symbolic aspects of nature are not avaliable in Kabir’spoetry. “He has described this World as a dream, and life here as a bubble in thewater; as thestarsthatmustfadeawaywiththeadvent of dawn; as a column of smokeand a castle of sand, it is becausenothing is everlasting here.”Rumy’stheme of not to be materialistic,experiencing life, is presented in a very mystical and artistic way,att hesame time he explains the deceptive nature of creation in a very simple way.
    Come, come, whoever you are,
    Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving,
    Ours is not a caravan of despair.
    Even if you have broken your vows a thousand times
    It doesn’t matter
    Come, come yet again, come”

    “The external forms of all created people and things are like goblet, while such things are knowledge, art, and learning are “decoration” on the goblet. Don’t you see that when goblet is shattered none of these “decorations” remain? The important thing therefore is wine, which takes shape from the goblet. Whoever see sand drinks the wine knows that good Works are permanent.” (Koran 18: 46)

    Rumyquote :
    “ Oh, I haveseenmybeauty in thybeauty!
    I havebecome a mirrorforthyimagealone.”

    Divine love can only be obtained when the lover of God pays the price with his head; that is, onlywhencompletelycrushes his ego andbecomesoblivious of the World, its lure sand attachments can he taste of thewine of love.

    Quote Mevlana Rumy :
    “ Theologians mumble, rumble- dumble , neccesity and free will ,
    While lover and beloved pull themselves into each other.”

    Divine love defies al lattemps to describe it because one has to experience it in order to realize it, but it can be experienced only when the devotee stills his mind and withdraws his consciousness to the inner spiritual realms. The Master not only teaches the disciple how to enter within, but he also enables him to do so and taste the nectar of love. Then the disciple’s doubt s and delusions vanish and his mind, a practical of the universal mind, goes back and merges in itssource.

    Rumy realizes that his union with God relieves him from the confinement of his body – this World, he is fused with the AbsoluteLight.
    “ He is overflowing withGod’sLight –
    He has broken the cup of the body, he is AbsoluteLight”

    Thesignificance of Hz Mevlana Rumi forhealtcaretoday.
    “ Hark, come hit her for the incurabledisease! We, onebyone , are medicine for the sick.” ( Mathnawibook 3 2709)
    Quotes from Rumi ;
    “Love is the cure,
    for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
    until your eyes constantly exhale love
    as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.” — Mevlana Rumi
    Presence in the United States ;
    Suleiman Hayati Dede, the Mawlawi Sheikh of Konya, Turkey ordered his son in 1986 to go to America to spread the Mawlawi tradition to the West. Since then, his son Postneshin Jelaleddin Loras has established and is currently the Spiritual Director and President of the Mevlevi Order of America. His website has made the following statement in regards to their purpose in America. “The Mevlevi are mystics, believing that one’s path is to God. Mysticism is concerned with developing one’s abilities and capacity through emotional, intellectual, and physical practices. We greatly respect all genuine traditions of belief and faith which seek to accept the responsibility of humanity to care for each other and our world. We firmly reject the actions of those who pervert the words of God to justify violence for political ends.”

    Abstract of my life are these words : Raw I was, Cooked well, Burnt I got.

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