The Entire Creation is Filled with this Melody

Peace, one and all…

Though the entire creation is filled with this melody,
the unawake can hear it not.
Glory, glory, glory to the Musician to whose tune
every ecstatic particle in creation dances accordingly.

The lyre and the lute are declaring in adoration,
‘You are the Cause, Beloved. You are Perfection’.
The lover is drowned in this boundless Ocean.
The clever preacher vies for a place on the shore of delusion.

Love’s Creator wears no manifest face,
yet on every face nothing but That is manifest.
In Leily’s garb love appears to Majnoon,
steals his patience and brings him sweet doom.

In truth, love is always loving Herself.
Leily and Majnoon are but stage names.
Jami saw the Cup Bearer’s face reflected in the goblet once
and like the pitcher, has not stopped bowing to the goblet since.
(Jami, Ghazal)


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