Love Survives

Peace, one and all…

There is an old and venerable tradition of re-interpreting songs and poetry in Sufi thought.  For the past 1,000 years (at least) Sufis have used ‘popular music’ to point to the Truth beyond words.  Personally, I find this one of the most profound elements of Sufism – the idea that meaning exists within all things, and that through contemplation, these meanings can be revealed and explored.

I love all sorts of music, for all sorts of reasons, and I particularly love Michael Jackson’s song Rock With You.  It has a mellow, easy feel and some beautiful harmonies.  The lyrics are also beautiful.  My favourite line being this one:

And when the groove is dead and gone,
You know that love survives

There is a deep truth hidden within this.  When the groove, the beating heart of our lives, has gone and we leave this world, love alone survives – in the hearts of our loved ones, and in the very fabric of the universe itself.  Love survives, and gathers us all into Its bosom.  And, when the song of this life is over, then another song entirely shall begin….and who (Hu) knows what songs we shall sing then?

Ask olsun.

May all that you do this day be blessed.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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