The Heart is a City

Peace, one and all…

‘The heart is a city which encompasses whatever the Real (may He be praised and exalted) created from the heavenly throne downward, be it large or small, and there are two rulers in this city: one is godly (rahmani), the other is satanic.  The godly ruler is called intellect (aql), his regent is faith and his superintendent is poverty.

On the right flap of the heart there are seven castles.  In charge of each castle the Real (may He be praised and exalted) placed a constable (dizdar) and the names of these constables are known one by one:

The name of the first constable is knowledge.
The name of the second constable is munificence.
The name of the third constable is reserve.
The name of the fourth constable is patience.
The name of the fifth constable is abstinence.
The name of the sixth constable is trepidation.
The name of the seventh constable is good manners.

Each constable has one hundred thousand communities, and each community has one hundred thousand soldiers and there are all protectors of faith’.
(Hz. Haji Bektash Veli, Quddus Allahi sirruhu)

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