Should Toil Come to You, or Rest

Peace, one and all…

As the wine merchant cares for the needs of the drunk
God forgives sin, and wards off pestilence.

Bringer of wine, be fair and fill up the poor man’s cup
so his craving won’t spill over and fill the world with grief.

For those of us stung by loss and craving wine
either fine wine or reunion will remedy our pain.

And yet, from those sufferings, the word of peace may come,
if the pilgrim stays devoted to the covenant of faith.

 Seeker, should toil come to you, or rest,
trace those to no one else; both have come from God.

In sweatshops where there’s no room for thought or understanding
why do the ignorant make needless work?

Singer, strum the lute: ‘No one perished before his time’.
Whoever doesn’t hum along is sadly ignorant.

Wasted with desire for wine, Hafiz was scorched by love –
where is the breath of Jesus, to raise us back to life?
Hafiz Shirazi



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