The Meaning of the Four Books

Peace, one and all…

Those who learned to be truly human
found everything in being humble.
While those who looked proudly from above
were pushed down the stairs.
A heart that must always feel superior
will one day lose its way.
What should be within, leaks out.

The old man with the white beard
never sees the state he’s in.
He needn’t waste money on making the Hajj,
if he’s broken someone’s heart.

The heart is the seat of God,
where God is aware.
You won’t find happiness
in either world, if you break a heart.

The deaf man doesn’t hear,
the blind man mistakes the day for night.
Yet the universe is filled with light.
We’ve seen how those who came later move on.

Whatever you think of yourself,
think the same of others.
This is the meaning of the Four Books,
if they have one.

May Yunus not stray from the path,
nor get on his high horse.
May the grave and the Judgement be no concern,
if what he loves is the face of God
Yunus Emre

I found listening to Surah al-Tin after reading this poem very powerful.  This recitation by Sa`ad al-Ghamdi is especially beautiful.  You can find a recitation of the entire Quran by Shaykh al-Ghamdi at the Complete Holy Quran You Tube channel.


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