Don’t Sleep

Peace, one and all…

By your soul, no napping on the job!
Subtract one night from your life.
Stay awake and don’t sleep.
You slept away a thousand nights
to satisfy your cravings.  What’s one more?
To satisfy the friend, don’t fall asleep.
Agree to satisfy that gentle friend
who does not sleep at night.  Entrust
your heart to him.  Don’t sleep.

Don’t sleep.
Fear the night of torment
when you will wail and pray and cry
till dawn in misery.  The night death comes,
he says, ‘I have vacancies!’
Knowing the bitterness of that night,
keep moving.  Don’t rest.
Remember the earthquakes of majesty
when stones melt and flow like water.
Remember you’re not made of stone.
Though the darkness of the night
is clever at pushing drinks,
don’t take the cup.  Fear the hangover.
The Lord said, ‘At night my friends
don’t sleep’.  Are you disgraced
and embarrassed by this?
Fear that dreadful, remorseless night.
Make provision of one night.
Be careful.
Don’t sleep.

Haven’t you heard that noble elders
receive what they desire by night?
For the love of the prosperous king of kings,
keep your vigil.
When minds grow dull, it will make yours
shine anew until you are all mind.
Take hope.  Don’t sleep.

A thousand times I’ve told you,
‘Silence,’ and it’s done you no good.
Bring one and take in exchange
a hundred thousand.
Don’t sleep.


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