You’ll Earn Your Bread…

Peace, one and all…


‘You’ll earn your bread if you give bread for God;
you’ll earn your soul if you give soul for God’
(Masnavi 1.2247)


3 thoughts on “You’ll Earn Your Bread…

  1. Treasured Abdur, The emphasis in the Holy Bible is on the word grace.

    We are encouraged to pray for daily bread which includes spiritual nourishment.
    The ability to give a good offering, like sincere thankfulness, to God is His gift to us and all the glory ought to go to Him.

    In Psalm 23 we can read David’s words: He (God) restores my soul. God longs for us to love Him with all our heart, soul and mind. We do this by surrendering our will to His will. This is done more and more successfully, owing to His gracious blessing, as we trust and obey His teachings more closely and as He opens our eyes to what He has done on our behalf through Jesus whilst He was on earth.

    Almighty God, help all sincere students and searchers for Your holy presence to surrender body, soul and spirit to Your most wonderful safekeeping where blessing after gracious blessing is showered upon us.

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