Who Are You?

Peace, one and all…

Did you open your eyes here
with the fragrance of a distant garden
lingering in your nostrils?
And, incognito as a stranger here,
have you been seeking your way home?

Sometimes this yearning burns so fiercely
that a form resplendent on the altar
would melt and puddle in its heat.
No loss.  A form intended only as a wondow,
if not transparent, merely hooks us.

Our friendship is a covenant of opening,
to help each other perceive the garden
of this dying world unfolding all around us
and to bring forth the gardener hidden within,
as the word lies hidden in the breath.

Chris Hoffman, Sufi Journal


2 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Holy God’s gracious, merciful, healing, forgiving love takes us from gardening somewhat unconvincingly and ineffectively in our own garden to His garden of
    grace and ushers in a brand new tomorrow that starts whenever there is room in our heart for a totally trusting today.

    Eternally loved and treasured Teacher, holy God, open up a special place reserved for adoration in all hearts longing to love Jesus Christ; so that their appreciation of and gratitude for His teaching is genuine.

    Anytime, anywhere, whenever You desire to meet Your holy Friend of Friends He will be there to hug you when You give Him a hug with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength. Say you love Him and long to be His friend and obedient to His teachings.

    Success is falling head over heels in love with the Prince of Peace. Dads and moms, the world’s interest in Jesus Christ, isn’t hug-orientated enough.
    This must change and this change must start happening in our own backyard – in the backyard of our corrupt mind.
    God’s loving, compassionate, corrective, kick kicks in best when God-seeking mankind runs out of trust in his own unkind kick.
    Ladies and gentlemen, before we can fall in love with Our Creator we must start fighting against the chest-thumper in us.

    Intrepid fighters for good, it is possible to put the show off in us to the sword, without putting on boxing gloves, but only if we voluntarily fall in love with holy, righteous, compassionate, forgiving God. It is in laying down our wants and desires that we find God’s wants and desires. And it is in laying down our wants and desires that we find out that God’s best for our unique life is still to come. Whilst on this journey we will discover that one of the pervading spirits in our life that must be challenged is a spirit that labels our neighbor as unworthy of dignity. Fellow citizens of the world,
    appreciation for our neighbor is indispensable, if we are desirous to appreciate God’s gracious, praiseworthy love. The spirit of mankind that announces that “we will fight terror with all our might” honors God, only if we abide in His might. His wisdom and might is expressed in His teachings.

    If we obey His teachings and hear His holy voice we will pray for our neighbors whether they are the redeemed or the as yet unredeemed. We will say to them that we have hurt you and you have hurt us. If we abide in His teachings we shall say to them, also, that we shall not lift a hand of violence against you anymore, but leave all judgments to Our totally trustworthy Creator God; for He is sovereign Judge and He will administer perfect justice in our lives.

    Our trust is in God Almighty who kicks, unlike man, trouble into touch without the game of life being spoilt. Lovers of goodness, darkness and dreadfulness must never be applauded. Lovers of goodness, let us also appreciate that chest-thumping mankind can never promise and deliver a safer world, even if multitudes cheer them on. Does anybody really want to be led by chest-thumping bullies?

    Faithful holy God, help us to understand that the truly God-honoring of this age must not be gun-totting in either word or deed. Precious Dads and moms, if we are truly tired of shedding blood we would throw away our trust in glorifying weapons that inflict bloodshed. Intrepid searchers for truth, let us remember that terrorists as evil as they behave, still have a body, soul and spirit.

    God Almighty can and will correct, rebuke, chasten and enlighten them whenever He chooses. He has called us to be pure-hearted not murderers.

    Although terrorism is extremely evil true faith announces that God, Our Peace bringer, will disarm the enemies of peace when we disarm ourselves and arm ourselves with His reconciliatory, forgiving life-edifying and ennobling spirit.

    Holy God, our lifelong prayer is to abide daily in Your Holy teachings; so that Your healing, inspiring, beautiful, friendly love will overshadow us perpetually like a band of lovely spring weather.
    Blessed God of heaven and earth, we know that as long as we keep obediently hugging Your teachings, that even in the severest winters of our lives, You will love us so lovingly that confidence in Jesus will be the constant color to our countenance.

    Thank you sincerely for being Our faithful, extraordinary patient and encouraging to us.
    God of yesterday, today, tomorrow and eternity, we love and cherish You. Help us to hold up Your beautiful banner of truth with passion and pride as we
    bring the Gospel to an ailing world to the glory of Your richly compassionate, absorbingly interesting and fascinatingly comforting name. Amen.

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