Love is at Work, Quietly

Peace, one and all…

As I walked through a small shopping mall this morning, on my way to work, I found myself standing behind an old couple.  The woman laid her had upon her husband’s shoulder, patting it gently in a simple, time-honoured gesture of affection and love.  It was such a simple and yet heartfelt gesture that I felt it lift me from myself for a moment.

Seeing this, I realised jusy how much love passes between and among us, almost unnoticed.  ‘A blessing!’, I heard a voice within me say.  And, as I looked around me, in the light of this new moment, I could see all manner of such small gestures, like tiny bearers of fragile love-gifts.  An old woman talked warmly with her friend.  A mother and father gently pushed their child’s pram.  Two security guards stood together in the sunshine, quietly building a friendship together.  As I contemplated this moment, these words of Mevlana came to me:

‘The gifts of lovers to one another are,
in respect to love, nothing but forms;
yet, they testify to an invisible love’

As I write these words I am left with a feeling of peace and of hope.  The world we all live in turns slowly towards its own moment of decision, and yet…

And yet, quietly, unobstrusively, just beneath the visible horizon, love is moving, breathing, living.  The light of love is leaping silently from heart to heart, and dancing invisibly from eye to eye.  Love is stealthily going about its business, like a thief in the night.  And, where love goes, there too goes hope, and peace and a blessing – a blessing of possibility, that we do have a chance to turn this world around.

Wa akhiru da`wana an il hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen…

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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