I am am I

Peace, one and all…

‘How faded and indistinct I am!
How will I see me as I am?

You told me, ‘Bring out the secrets’.
But just where is the out
in this in and out I’m in?
I am motion in quiesence.
How can my moving spirit be still?
Within itself my sea is drowned –
wondrous strange the shoreless sea I am.

Do not seek my here or my hereafter:
Neither is neither here nor there
in that world I am.

Like non-being, free from gain or loss,
a rarely balanced balance sheet I am.

‘Soul’, I said, ‘you are my essence’.
‘When I’m so obvious,’
it replied, ‘What essence am I?’
‘But you are it!’ I insisted,
and it replied, ‘Ha!  Be silent!
The it I am won’t be spoken’.
I said, ‘If it won’t be spoken,
see the speech-less speaker I am’.

In self-effacement I was turning
into the footloose moon.
See the trackless sprinter I am.
The shout was heard, ‘Why do you run?’
Look how hidden in plain sight I am.

When I saw Shams-i Tabrizi –
peerless sea and mine and treasure I am’

Mevlana, Divan-i Kebir 4.1759, trans F. Lewis

And here is some beautiful ney music to listen to as we contemplate this ghazal together.

One thought on “I am am I

  1. The good news, Abdur and friends, is that our spirit can find stillness and peace in submission of our will to God.

    Truly God can bring us into balance, because He is in perfect harmony with Himself.

    For optimum blessing our questions ought to be addressed sincerely and respectfully to holy God, and as we do this, He will be delighted to encourage us body, soul and spirit.

    Isaiah 66:2…to this man will I (the LORD) look, even to him that is poor (humble)( desires to turn to God for forgiveness) and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at (exalts)(honours)( trusts and obeys) my word.

    What a blessing You are to us holy healing God!

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