Love Heals

Peace, one and all…

Love heals
and makes us whole,
sending us forth
and returning us home.

Love is a mother’s breast,
the very nourishment of life.
Through love we reach forth
and are reached for.

Love is a blessed master
and a wonderful teacher,
a smile hidden behind the face
of each new moment.

Beloved, if I have learned one thing,
it is this:
love heals
and makes us whole.

Abdur Rahman, 17th April 2011

6 thoughts on “Love Heals

  1. Our true home is where God’s loving presence is!

    Truly all sincere searchers for God can taste His truthful words that nourish us body, soul and spirit.

    Yes, through God’s blessing of love we can reach forth to our wife and children and daily be a trmendous blessing to them.

    Blessed by God, even when racked by pain, we have much to smile about!

    o yes Abdur, God’s love heals. Truly, there is no disease that God’s love can’t heal!

    A new moment in time has arrived. Are we rehearsing our smile for our not always pleasant neighbours?

    What a wonderful, loving, blessed teacher and master we have!

    Josef Sefton

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