In the Hand of His Working

Peace, one and all…

‘Every moment you are being filled and emptied:
know then, that you are in the hand of His working’
(Masnavi 6.3340)

With each new breath, we are emptied and poured out, as in that moment all that we are is returned to the Source.  And then, with each in-breath, we are filled – with new breath, with new life, with new energies.  These breaths of ours generate a charge, and so our lives are enlivened.

As I read these beautiful words of Mevlana, I’m reminded forcefully of zikr and its use of the breath, in that moment by moment process.  It is said that zikr can reach a place where all falls away except the remembrance of the Beloved itself, so we might know that we are indeed ‘in the hand of His working’.

I am also reminded that behind this process stands the Source.  Allah is the Source of All – of filling and emptying, of nearness and distance, of night and day, of me and you.  Beyond all such dualities stands the One (al-Wahid), the Unique (al-Ahad).  And whatever ‘I’ am, I am His, in both my outer and my inner, in both process and essence.

With God’s mercy, this constant turning will reveal that Oneness, so that:

‘On the day when the blindfold falls from the eye,
how madly will the work be enamoured of the Maker!’
(Masnavi 6.3341)

Jazzgriot: Allah Only

Wa akhiru da`wana an il hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


4 thoughts on “In the Hand of His Working

  1. Beloved pure Creator God, we bless you for allowing us to experience treasured times of worship together, as we live with your gracious help more and more purely before you.

  2. A beautiful post, dear bhai 🙂 As always, Rumi captures the poetic essence of His working, and fills our days with love 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

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