Sohbet Texts

Peace, one and all…

Praise be to God!  The Cardiff Sufi group is now meeting regularly (we have our own Facebook page too) and we are beginning to engage in some valuable spiritual work.  I want to use this blog to document our sohbets (loosely, ‘spiritual conversations’), in order to help me reflect on and connect the ideas that we are discussing together.  Insha Allah, there will be some benefit in this.

To this end, I wanted to share the two short passages from Mevlana Rumi’s Masnavi that we discussed last night.  God willing, in the next few days, I hope to offer some further reflections.

Yesterday’s theme was forbearance and patience.  We explored the following texts:

Text 1

‘How should Spring bring forth a garden on hard stone?
Become earth, that you may grow flowers of many colors.
For you have been a heart-breaking rock.
Once, for the sake of experiment, be earth!’

Text 2

‘To practice patience is the soul of praise:
have patience, for that is true glorification.
No glorification is worth as much.
Have patience:
patience is the remedy for pain’
(2. 3146)

Feel free to comment and offer your own reactions to these thought-provoking words.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman

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