On the Path

Peace, one and all…

When you drink that wine, sprinkle some on the dusty path.
Why trouble yourself over a fault that brings good to others?

Go along, with whatever you have; drink deeply and banish grief
for the ruthless sword of the world will strike without remorse.

O my spoiled delicate cypress! By the dust of your slender foot,
on the final Day, do not stand far from the dust of my body.

Hellish or celestial, human or sublime, all the great doctrines
acknowledge: there is one path of impiety, the refusal to give.

Architect of the far horizon, the mathematics of the path leave
no way out of the cosmis labyrinth.

Delicious wine splashed over the path of Reason –
may the vineyard flourish ’til the final Day!

Hafiz, in bliss, on the way to the wine-house, you left the world.
May the poor ones’ prayer stand close to your heart.

(Hafiz Shirazi, trans. J. Einboden & J. Slater)


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