Burning All Discernment

Peace, one and all…

Truly, I shed my inhibitions
in your love
by your power, not
my power, nor my devices.

I leave behind being until
I do not see it, nor even
see it leaving,
receding behind me.

Creation is Your creation
and all affairs are Your affairs,
for what am I?
Not even ruins.

I speak the truth:
there is nothing in the universe that is not You.
I seek refuge in God
from my knowledge and acts.

In Your existence there is no place
for the veil but
in the secret of letters.
Look toward the mountain.

You showed Yourself,
then You hid Yourself in Your manifestation.
You pointed to Yourself
and you pointed to me.

You show Yourself
to Yourself in Yourself.
Continuity which bespeaks
the enigma of eternity.

Your know Yourself,
so who is it that knows You?
You are one and the life of love,
O my hope.

The ignorant cannot deny it, no,
for knowledge is Your knowledge.
However, ignorance
occurs in what was created impatient.

In illusion man stands firm
and in certitude he is lost.
I am weak as a moth
to endure the fire.

The majesty of glory
has burned all discernment.
I confess I am powerless,
submissive and inert.
(Abu al-Hasan al-Shushtari)


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