Prayers for Ramadan, Prayers for Forgiveness (Part 1)

Peace, one and all…

Al hamdu lillahi ala kulli hal.  Praise be to God in every condition and state.  We are rapidly approaching the last 10 days of Ramadan, in which the ‘Night of Power’ (Laylat al-Qadr) is said to reside.  Here are two beautiful duas (prayers), a short prayer taught by Muhammad himself (alaihi al-salatu wa al-salam) and a longer prayer (which will be divided into a number of separate posts) by Abu Madyan, a famous medieval saint of the Maghreb region of North Africa (may God sanctify his noble soul).

‘O Allah!  Truly You are All-Pardoning.  You love to pardon us, so pardon us.  O Most Generous One!’

The Supplication for Forgiveness of Abu Madyan

In the Name of God I begin, with all my respect,
And all praise belongs to God, for my strength and maturity.

I seek forgiveness of God, our Lord and Creator,
for all mankind and for the evils of my [soul’s] turmoil.

I seek forgiveness of God, motivator of the heavenly spheres in the darkness,
for our failure to thank Him enough for His bounties.

I seek the forgiveness of God, the Saviour of one who seeks His aid,
whenever he suffers misfortune or calamity.

I seek forgiveness of God, Forgiver of the sins of one
who comes to Him broken, humiliated and full of remorse.

I seek the forgiveness of God, Concealer of the faults of
the morally deficient and their Saviour from adversity.

I seek the forgiveness of God for my secret thoughts and overt acts,
for the fickleness of my heart and for the smile upon my lips.

I seek the forgiveness of God for my speech and my behaviour,
for my evil character, type and nature.

I will post further selections from this beautiful prayer in subsequent posts, insha Allah.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


3 thoughts on “Prayers for Ramadan, Prayers for Forgiveness (Part 1)

  1. Dear Abdur rahman,
    Ramadan Kareem,
    In these waning days of Ramadan and the last of the three phases of Ramadan of immunity from the fire of Hell, I have just returned from the masjid where the recitation of Du’a Tawbah from the Sahifa Sajjadiya was heard with a refreshing clarity that impacted directly on the heart. I trust you know about this du’a. It would be good to make it known widely for it’s baraka.

  2. al-salamu alaikum brother

    Welcome. I hope you are well, by the grace and mercy of Allah. Thank you for the recommendation. It is indeed a beautiful dua, and insha Allah, I shall post it here.

  3. بسمه تعلى

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    بارك الله فيكم و أحسن الله عليكم

    Respected Sidi

    May this find you immersed in an ocean of His Grace, سبحانه وتعالى, and may He عز وجل always keep it do at every moment until He جل جلاله admits you and all those you love, into His Presence in the Best of His Gardens in the company of the Most Intimate of His Friends. آمين.

    Please do not be fooled by my use of Arabic words. Apart from the very real intent and aspiration underlying them, all that their use will show is that I am very good at aping and parroting those of my fellow Muslims and muslims who are truly intelligent, able and good. May Allah proper them always.

    I respectfully inquire when if at all you intend to, and shall post the rest of the إستغفارات of Hadhrat Gauth Abu Madyan رحمة الله عليه?

    Fluent in English language alone, and completely lacking in any true or real understanding or knowledge of Arabic language, grammar or usage, I am obliged to rely on the efforts of translators such as yourself to unlock the treasures of prophets عليهم السلام and saints رضىالله عليهم. The translation of this particular litany I currently have is ungainly, awkward, and I am convinced grammatically incorrect. The English is so poor that even a non-Arabic speaker like me can see that Sheikh Abu Madyan رحمة الله عليه could not gVe spoken Arabic so clumsily, inelegantly and incorrectly.

    May I also request that I be placed on you website notification system so that I know when the remaining translation has been posted.

    abd’Allah ibn turab

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