Naat-i Serif & Words for Contemplation

Peace, one and all…

Here is a rendition of the Naat-i Serif, a beautiful prayer in praise of the Prophet (alaihi al-salatu wa al-salam).  It is used at the beginning of the Mevlevi sema (loosely, ‘whirling’) ceremony.

Having listened to the Naat, here are some profound words of Mevlana (God sanctify his noble soul).

‘What is it to honour the Lord?
To know yourself as nothing more than dust.

And what is it to know God’s unity?
It is to burn our self before His Oneness.

If you want incandescence like the day,
then scorch the sombre darkness of your selfhood.

Like alchemy dissolve yourself as copper
into the Being of Him Who nurtures being.

Both hands are holding tight to ‘I’ and ‘We’,
this misery is from, duality’.

(Masnavi 1.3021-3025)


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