Your Sacred Love-Algebra

Peace, one and all…

Addition and subtraction
used to be so simple:
one plus one equalled two,
and everything seemed so clear.

But now,
Your mathematics of love,
have turned all my calculations
upon their head.

I don’t understand these new sums!
For no matter how hard I try
all my calculations
dissolve into oneness!

In Your sacred love-algebra
one plus one
equals naught but one:
what, then, am I to do?

Maybe I’ve forgotten how to add up,
or perhaps all those nights of longing
have at last
robbed me of all sense!

Love comes and says,
‘Stop all this crazy talk.
Be Silent! Raise a finger to your lips.
Who needs form when spirit knocks upon the door?’

Abdur Rahman, 6th June 2010


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