Show Compassion to All Creation

Peace, one and all…

‘Show compassion to all creation.  Nasr ibn Muhammad reports that Junayd related that there was a sheikh in Damascus called Abu Musa al-Qumasi who was a an of futuwwah [spiritual chivalry]; everyone praised him.  One day, the sheikh’s house collapsed on top of hi and his wife.  When people began to dig in the ruins, they found his wife first.  ‘Leave me,’ she said.  ‘Go and try to find the sheikh and save him.  He was sitting in a corner over there’.  They left the woman, dug where she had pointed, and found the sheikh.  ‘Leave me,’ he said.  ‘Go and save my wife’.  Each wanted the other to be saved.  That is the state of those who are together for the sake of Allah and who are friends and brothers in the name of Allah.  They are in that compassionate state at all times’
(Imam ibn al-Husayn al-Sulami, Kitab al-Futuwwah, The Book of Sufi Chivalry)


8 thoughts on “Show Compassion to All Creation

  1. Abdur, Thank you very much, I’m really glad to have found your online home – there is a lot I want to learn, but because I find myself bogged down with things I’ve found your entries which appear like magic on my feedreader thing keep me inspired and remind me that I should be taking more time to learn.
    If you have time please could you tell me about where you got this passage from? Is it from an actual book? Who is the writer? I love books, I might love to get a copy.
    God bless 🙂

  2. What a wonderful theme, Abdur.

    May this writing be a blessing to all diligent students of life.

    God’s loving heart and hand are still reaching out compassionately to His people as God is the great Lover, and the great Pursuer of His creation.

    Because God’s gracious love is so cleansing no one needs to stay angry with Their sublime Maker. Truly we can all turn to Him and be blessed.

    Be mightily encouraged precious readers of Abdur’s blog, for even though we are often
    dreadfully unfaithful, God doesn’t completely reject us! O yes, Such is God’s
    compassionate heart that He keeps on pursuing us.

    Truly everything He says is always true and reliable.

    Yes, Almighty God goes after us like a lover who goes after His bride!

    For such is the Lord’s character. Such is His compassion and special love for us that He is willing to keep teaching us patiently, so that we have the opportunity to turn back willingly to Him.

    Yes, even when His creation rebels against Him, God continues to pursue wayward errant mankind with His great love. Why? So that they would have the glorious privilege to glory in Him and His noble character.

    Precious readers of Abdur’s blog, if you sense that you have well and truly messed up and have nowhere else to go – go to God. Go to God, for in learning from Him you have bright prospects of escaping from your somewhat chaotic life.

    Go to God, for His cleansing, purifying love casts out feelings of no hope; so that hope eternal can spring forth.

    No matter what we have done in life, God is still pursuing us. Truly, He is the great Lover who pursues His people, so that they will live in a way that brings forth the life-dignifying fruit of faith. hope and love.

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