The Fire of Your Love

Peace, one and all…

The fire of Your Love is best inside the soul;
And the soul burning with Your Love is best of all.

One who has tasted a drop of Your wine today
Is happy drunk and dazed till judgement day.

When You came to be, I was hidden;
In the Beloved’s presence, it was best not to be.

Give me pain, and cure me not of my Love,
‘Cause Your pain is better than any balm.

Since none hope to meet You in this life,
This hopeless search for You is best of all.

Without You, I am a witness to dry autumn.
In such an eye, the rain of tears is best of all.

Like a candle in separation from You,
It’s best that Attar weeps all night.

(Fariduddin Attar)


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