Perfection and Possession

Peace, one and all…

‘The intelligent person seeks perfection whilst the ignorant person seeks possession’
(Imam Ali, may God ennoble his countenance)


9 thoughts on “Perfection and Possession

  1. Salam,

    This is a great website
    Can you please confirm for me the arabic on this picture translates to that specific saying of Imam Ali (a.s)

    Thank you

  2. Salams Ali,

    Welcome to my online home. Thank you for your kind thoughts. The picture above says ‘Rabbi ishrahi li sadri, wa yasirli amiri’ – which might be translated as ‘My Lord, expand my breast and make easy my affairs’. It is a beautiful du’a drawn from the Quran. It is not the Arabic text of this profound saying of Imam Ali (God ennoble his countenance)

  3. Thank you, I will really appreciate if you are able to find and email it!

    Thanks again

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