The Face of Your Lord will Abide

Peace, one and all…


‘All that is upon (the earth) will pass away, but the Face of your Lord will abide, full of Majesty and Glory’
(Quran 55:26-27)


2 thoughts on “The Face of Your Lord will Abide

  1. Assalamualikum Br Abdur Rahman

    Hope all is well by the garce of Allah. Thank you for pointing to this exraordinary verse. Allow me to piont out something about the English translation. This trans. is very common and tense of the verbs seem to be in the future, but in the original Arabic text is not. Very quickly I would like to offer you another translation which is a bit closer to the original Arabic text, as follows:
    “All that on it (earth) is in the state of perishing (fanin) And is ever abiding the Face of thy Lord (wajhuh) the Possessor (thoo) of Majesty (al-jalal), and bounteousness (wal-ikram). 55:26-27”

    Such translation would expand the meaning of this verse.

    God Bless


  2. Wa alaikum salam Br. Katib

    Thank you for this translation. It certainly does bring out another layer of meaning. Indeed, we all are in the state of perishing….here, now.


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