That Voice which is the Root of Every Calling

Peace, one and all…

‘Allah is the Protecting Friend of those who believe.  He brings them out of the darknesses into the light’
(Quran Surah al-Baqara 2:257)

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani offers a number of beautiful ayat and ahadith.

Mevlana Rumi (may God sanctify his noble soul) offers us these words:

‘That voice which is the root of every calling,
that is the true voice – all the rest are echoes.

The Persian speaker, Turk and Kurd and Arab
can know that voice with neither lip nor ear.

Why stop at Turks, Tajiks and Ethiopians?
The wood and stone can understand that voice’.
(Masnavi 1.2118-2120)


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