Peace, one and all…

How do our expectations affect our experience of life?  How do our expectations define and limit these experiences?  To what extent are expectations a positive force, and to what extent are they a hindrance in our attempts to live full and authentic lives?

For my part, life has constantly challenged and re-shaped my expectations.  Moreover, I have come to see just how far the outcomes I experience are shaped by my initial expectations.  Perhaps then, expectation is another facet of intention, of how and why I approach life.  My expectations are directly related to the intentions behind my actions, and so therefore to the hidden motivations of my soul.

Perhaps, in some sense, life is the attempt to make our expectations ever more explicit, to open up our inner workings to the light of the sun.  At any rate, as I move through life, I find I am less and less able to hide from my intentions, regardless of whether they might at first seem ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  Although this is a positive thing, it is not always a painless process.  Perhaps then these expectations of mine are like a shell: the way to the kernel lies beyond these outward forms, these unreformed outlooks and processes.  In some ways, struggling to move beyond these expectations feels like dying, so that new life might at last take root.

And may all that I am, do and become be for the sake of the Beloved.

Wa akhiru da’wana an il hamdu lillah rabbil alameen.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


2 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. I can really relate to this.

    I remember writing about a similar concept in myblog a short while aog, so I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling the universe’s small little nudges to become more in touch with reality and to crawl out of the “shell” you mention.

    I hope your journey out of the shell is pleasant.

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