Life’s Strange and Wonderful Dance

Peace, one and all…


Life exists beyond us, out there in the world, just waiting to be seen and felt and tasted.  Life exists beyond description, beyond our ability to capture and define through words.  And though we might name the stars, glorying in their light, still they exist beyond us.  They have their own life; they have their own purpose.

As above, so below.  Thus, we are our own stars of life and meaning.  Others might, for a time, glory in the light we send forth but we too have our own meanings, our own destinies, our own lives.  As I am slowly discovering, a truly human being participates in that life, adding to it the unique joy of their living soul.

Life thus exists within us.  The same force that moves the stars, moves within us.  The same song that causes leaves to dance upon the wind, calls out to us too, inviting us to life’s strange and wonderful dance once more.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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