In Istanbul

Peace one and all,

My wife and I are currently in Istanbul, where are celebrating 10 years of marriage.  Al hamdu lillah.


14 thoughts on “In Istanbul

  1. Assalamualaykum!

    Mashallah congratulations to you both. May Allah bless you with many more happy years together Inshallah.

    I was just in Istanbul last week! How are you finding the Ramadhan atmosphere there?

  2. Warm Congratulations, Abdur, for the first ten years of marriage. That’s quite an achievement!
    I pray, Abdur, that God, the unique Author of family, blesses you and your treasured wife and precious children with many fantastic, fun-filled and fulfilling memories in the next days and weeks.

  3. Salams,

    alhamdulillah for your 10 years. And may Allah’s love and mercy rain on you both for the next ten years and beyond, Insha-Allah

  4. Dear Brother,

    Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary. May Allah bless you with many many more happy years to come. Ameen:)

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