You are Joy and We are Laughter

Peace, one and all…


‘O my God, our intoxicated eyes have blurred our vision.
Our burdens have been made heavy, forgive us.
You are hidden, and yet from East to West You have filled the world with Your radiance.
Your Light is more magnificent than sunrise or sunset,
and You are the inmost ground of consciousness,
revealing the secrets we hold.
You are an explosive force causing our damned up rivers to burst forth.
You whose essence is hidden while Your gifts are manifest,
You are like water and we are like millstones.
You are like wind and we are like dust.
The wind is hidden while the dust is plainly seen.
You are the invisible spring and we are Your lush garden.

You are the Spirit of life and we are like hand and foot.
Spirit causes the hand to close and open.
You are intelligence; we are Your voice.
Your intelligence causes this tongue to speak.
You are joy and we are laughter,
for we are the result of the blessing of Your joy.
All our movement is really a continual profession of faith,
bearing witness to Your eternal power,
just as the powerful turning of the millstone professes faith in the river’s existence.
Dust settles upon my head and upon my metaphors,
for You are beyond anything we can ever think or say.
And yet, this servant cannot stop trying to express Your beauty,
in every moment, let my soul be Your carpet’
(Masnavi V.3307-3319, trans. Shaykh Kabir Helminski)

6 thoughts on “You are Joy and We are Laughter

  1. “Dust settles upon my head and upon my metaphors,
    for You are beyond anything we can ever think or say.
    And yet, this servant cannot stop trying to express Your beauty,
    in every moment, let my soul be Your carpet”

    What a beautiful verse from Rumi: thank you Abdur for sharing it with us here. Surely we cannot possibly describe or express the reality of God – and yet we humans are poets and artists, we’re image-makers, we yearn to give form to Beauty and Truth. The soul leaps in response to an image that touches it. I too wish that my soul could be a carpet woven in response to the beauty of the Infinite, inshallah!

  2. Salams Hilary,

    Eyvallah! They are indeed beautiful words! Shaykh Kabir chose them for last weekend’s retreat in London. We yearn to give form to beauty and truth – perhaps that’s why we’re here?

    Would you be interested in attending a regular gathering in Cardiff? A few of us are trying to arrange something.

  3. Salaams Abdur,

    It’s great that you’re thinking of a regular gathering in Cardiff – I would indeed be interested, thank you for asking me. I feel the need for a group: I’ve been floundering about on my own for a while. The Threshold online retreat is good, but not really a substitute for live interaction.

    I don’t know if I can persuade my daughter to come to such a group. Last November, just a few weeks after her father died she met a young French-Moroccan guy and married him in the mosque – she told me about it the following day, which was quite a shock at first. But he is beautiful, intelligent and devoted to her and she seems very happy. He is however a very devout Sunni Muslim with strictly orthodox views, and to him Sufism is suspect – I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t approve… but I’ll ask her anyway.

    They are now expecting a baby, due at the end of September (on my birthday), my first grandchild, alhamdulillah.

    I imagine the Threshold retreat last weekend was an inspiration. Shaykh Kabir certainly seems to be an excellent teacher, judging by what he’s written – someone with an inclusive, rather than exclusive view. It would be a privilege to meet him face to face and talk.

    I look forward to hearing more about the Cardiff group!

    Peace and joy of this beautiful sunshine! What a blessing.

  4. Salams Hilary,

    There’s nothing definite yet, but we are hoping to arrange a once a month gathering – in which we could do some zikr together, read some texts/poetry and so on. The idea would be to make it as relaxed as possible and as open.

    It may take a while to arrange a regular public meeting, but that’s not to say that we couldn’t arrange other kinds of gathering – in private houses for example.

    I am glad your daughter is happy. Ma sha Allah. I wish them both all the best. May Allah bless their baby with health and all goodness.

    Al hamdu lillah, the Threshold Society gathering was wonderful. Live interaction adds a whole other dimension of tone, of circumstance, of body language, etc. My own experience of the group has been exactly that: it is an inclusive group, that welcomes all-comers and does not require formalised commitments unless the person wishes to explore that area themselves.

    The sunshine is lovely. Ma sha Allah!

    Abdur Rahman

  5. Syukran ! You had done a generous job of offering the water of Rumi to thirsty souls.
    Even the dusts of the Path to Him are filled with fragrant. Inviting us to seek and arrive by His bounty and light.

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