Whatever I Say

Peace, one and all…


‘Whatever I say, You are the subject.
Wherever I go, every impulse is toward You.

It’s true, those who don’t love You are soul-less dolls,
but the living need a Beloved like You.

You’ve veiled Yourself from the whole universe.
At a single sight of You it would perish.

Giants and elves, humans, angelic powers,
all beings are in love with You.

The seraphim and maidens of paradise crowd around You
and can’t bear to leave Your presence.

From Your hand poison is a delicious drink.
My soul is healed by anything You do.

When I eat something sweet without You, it’s bitter.
You are the soul’s taste, what else could I want?

If my soul suffered a hundred wounds,
my joy would not decrease.
This love washes everything clean.

Yunus is just one atom of it.  This planet,
this whole universe is born from a taste of love.

(Yunus Emre, trans. by Rafik Algan and Sheikh Kabir Helminski)


2 thoughts on “Whatever I Say

  1. thanks nice idea but poison is not the very nice things , and wish you to share nice and joyful as real life is not that easy we need to hang on to cover out of wrong and unwilling things , go on and count down how much love you received till your birth , family , neighbors, friends and still online friends , you r precious to everyone of these and sure , all misses you


  2. Peace C4 Luv,

    Welcome to my online home. Allah bless you always. Thank you for your comments. The words are Yunus Emre’s words and not mine.

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