The Dawn Comes

Peace, one and all…


The Dawn Comes

The dawn comes,
bearing new light into the world,
and my eye is blessed to receive it.

The dawn comes,
roses slowly opening,
heaven’s fragrance walks among us still.

The dawn comes,
trees stretch out their branches in welcome.
May my hand be turned to goodness this day.

The dawn comes,
and my heart begins to see:
this new day’s lesson is love.


6 thoughts on “The Dawn Comes

  1. Many thanks for your heartening remarks. I am planning to apply for funding to curate an art exhibition based on interfaith harmony. I would very much appreciate your feedback and suggestion, if any towards the idea. I would like to curate it in 2012 for London Olympics. Or just a little before the actual ceremony.
    Fatima Zahra

  2. Your poetry creates such a serene picture! I am visiting your blog after a lapse of a few months. Hope you have been well!

  3. Abdur, May the holy, purifying heart of God continue to bless you with His generous overflowing love; so that your writing which is very profound and very beautiful blossoms even more gloriously to God’s glory.

    God is our highest blessing!

    God’s gracious gift of love comes fresh as the dawn that God uniquely created bearing new light and fresh insight for willing and receptive heart’s of His creation.

    God’s gracious gift of love comes fresh as the dawn imparting heaven’s holy fragrance, so that hands and heart can stretch forth to demonstrate in word and deed and prayer how blessed a blessing Our beautiful, holy, healing, compassionate and forgiving God is.

  4. Salams Meher,

    I am indeed well, by God’s grace and mercy. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Truly, peace comes from al-Salam (the Source of Peace). Only the passing disturbances are mine. At any rate, I am honoured that you enjoyed my poetry.

    I stopped by your blog recently. Congratulations on your graduation. May Allah bless you in it and through it.

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