Peace, one and all…


‘Praise be to God; Whose compassion is all-embracing and Whose mercy is universal; Who rewards His servants for their remembrance [of Him] with His remembrance [of them] – verily God (exalted is He!) has said, ‘Remember Me, and I will remember you’ [Quran 2:152]; He Who has induced His servants to make petition and supplication by His command, and said, ‘Supplicate to Me, and I will answer you’ [40:60], He Who has invited the obedient and the disobedient, and those who have strayed far away and those who have remained close to Him, to joy in His majestic presence, by submitting their needs and wishes, by His Word: ‘Verily, I am near.  I respond to the supplication of a suppliant when he makes it to Me!’ [2:186]  Blessing be upon Muhammad, the lord of His prophets, and upon his Family and Companions, the foremost of His chosen ones!  May God grant him peace abundantly!’
(Imam al-Ghazali, The Revival of the Religious Sciences, Invocations and Supplications)


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