If You Haven’t Learned to Love

Peace, one and all…


Oh disciple of love, open your eyes,
look to the face of the land.
See these subtle plants, how their flowering passes.

With such care they grow toward the Friend –
ask them what goal they have in mind.

Each flower has a thousand ways it flirts with Truth.
Every bird with its song is remembering the Ruler.

They praise His Ability, His Presence in every detail,
yes, and as they see the shortness of life, they pale.

Each day their colour changes,
until they fall to the ground.
This is a teaching for the wise to understand.

Your coming doesn’t lead anywhere.
Your laughter isn’t funny.
Your only destination is death,
if you haven’t learned to love.

Yunus, forget about talking,
take your hand off your self.  What can you do?
Not a single thing, good or bad, is apart from God.

(Yunus Emre)


4 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Learned to Love

  1. Salam AbdurRahman!
    The last lines echo the BhagavadGita!
    Was the translation by Kabir Helminski?
    Srinivas Rau

  2. Salams Srinivas,

    Allah! I wonder if you could tell me where I might find the last line of the Bhagavad Gita. Yes, this is Shaykh Kabir’s translation.

  3. Salam AbdurRahman!
    Your Wikipedia link to Bhagavadgita in Other Paths is a good guide to the message of the Bhagavadgita.Yunus’last lines seem so close to popular summaries of the Bhagavadgita!
    Srinivas Rau

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