Do ‘They’ Exist in Reality?

Peace, one and all…


‘Here is the reason for the postponement of this second volume: if all divine wisdom should be made known to the slave at once, the benefits in it would leave him unable to act, and the infinite wisdom of God would obliterate his comprehension.  He would not be able to cope.

This is why God makes a little of that infinite wisdom into a toggle which can be put into the nostrils, to lead him like a camel towards the necessary action.  If he were not to inform him of those benefits, he would not move at all, because knowledge of the gain to be made is what motivates human beings, who say, ‘For the sake of this, I will do what is right’.  If He should pour infinite wisdom down on him, the slave would be unable to move, just as a camel will not walk unless a toggle is put into its nose of an appropriate size – if the toggle is too big it will just slump down: ‘There is nothing, the storehouse of which is not with Us.  And We only send it down in a fixed measure’ [Quran 15:21].  Without water, clay cannot be made into a brick, nor can it become a brick if the water is excessive.  ‘He has raised the sky and He has set up the scales’ [Quran 55:7].  He gives everything in the right proportion, not without measurement and calculation, apart from to those people who have been transformed from their physical forms, becoming the ones referred to when He says, ‘He provides without calculation for whomsoever He chooses’ [Quran 2:212].  Whoever hasn’t tasted will not yet be aware.

Someone asked, ‘What is a lover?’  I answered, ‘You will know when you become like us’.  True love cannot be measured, which is why it is said to be an attribute of God in reality, and applicable to the slave only metaphorically.  ‘He loves them’ – this is the totality; ‘and they love Him’ [Quran 5:54] – do ‘they’ exist though in reality?’
(Masnavi, Prologue to Book 2)


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