A Reality to be Experienced

Peace, one and all…


God is not a concept to be proven or disproven.  Rather, God is a reality to be experienced.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


9 thoughts on “A Reality to be Experienced

  1. Peace be upon you Abdur Rahman,

    If you would not mind sending me an e-mail I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you outside the public forum.

    God be with you,


  2. Hallo Abdur, May God bless you and your family richly in the coming month.

    I have been blessed to discover that God’s presence can be experienced and that He reaveals Himself as a person.

    In both the Koran, Allah, and the Bible, God, claim to be uniquely God.

    As their teachings regarding the Cross are very different- this subject needs to be investigated vigorously.

    Because there are many false gods, God wants us to put God’s claims to the test.

    Because God is perfect God can’t be both the God of the Bible and Allah of the Koran; because God never speaks against Himself on the same subject.

    As it is so important to distinguish between God and false gods the true God encourages us
    to look to Him to be blessed.

    As we do we will desire to show the general public who the false gods of this world are.

    Because the true God is a God of truth His great desire is that lies are exposed.

    I pray Abdur that you come to see the importance even more fully of fighting against evil in the world by means of proving and disproving statements that have been made.

    There is no more challenging and worthwhile place to start than the Cross of Jesus Christ!

    May God open your spiritual eyes even more fully as you study. this destiny defining subject. with great diligence and thoroughness.

  3. Wa alaikum salam Katib,

    Jazak Allah for your kind words. Allah bless you always.

    I’ve been reading through your post on the Ultimate Truth, and have been trying to digest it. Perhaps, insha Allah, we might talk further via e-mail about it?

    Ma’as salama,
    Abdur Rahman

  4. Peace Josef,

    Thank you for your forthright response. As you know, I am committed, believing Muslim. That said, I am always open to talking with others, and with striving to listen to them and their ideas as fully as I can. The true nature of God is an important question. Indeed, is there a more important one? And, as with any complex, involved question, this is an issue to research and to ponder.

    May God open every eye. May truth flow like water.

    Abdur Rahman

  5. Hallo Abdur, May God bless you richly for so geneously sharing your sincere warm heart with us.
    I really love this piece of writing. I sincerely hope you and your precious readers enjoy it even if it is a second time around!

    God is love and the beginning of love is love Himself.

    Justice and joy-bringing God Almighty offers to cleanse and restore our soul with His gracious, holy, healing, forgiving,redeeming love.

    Behold how God’s eternal ark is moored where waters pure and holy glisten warmly inviting.

    Searches for solace, hope and a new life, no matter how much tossing and turning you’ve experienced so far in your life you can sail on with determination and experience the serene calm waters that God Almighty longs to bless your soul with.

    As you eagerly and expectantly dip your toes into the calm, tranquil, still waters of God’s wisdom may He generously and graciously heal your body, soul and spirit.

    Sailors, sailing mostly back and forth in secular waters, from time to time soul-wearying waves pound the shore of every

    human heart; yet in every case a safe haven and solace supreme can be found in trusting
    wholeheartedly the Name of holy God.

    Wherever His Spirit of Truth dwells is a very blessed and special place and we, His creation, should desire to dwell there always.

    Inspiring faithful Father God, we bless Your exalted Name for allowing us the opportunity and privilege to be able to savor every day a truly grand exciting shared new adventure with You.

    Cherished companions, with great determination you should desire to sail hither to learn about God, and as you do you will find God Himself empowers and assists you to sail away from secular waters to His holy waters.

    Fellow sailors with gratitude to the guiding heart of God we shall listen; for His
    is a love lovely and enlivening that inspires mankind’s truest trust and obedience.

    Courageous history-focused sailors, as our eyes sweep over the landscape of history and study diligently God will teach us authoritatively to say no to all forms of violent boxing with our neighbor.

    Men and women of courage, never say yes to revenge; for there is a higher more noble way than desiring to harm those who seek
    to harm you.

    Faithful Father God, tempestuous waves are overflowing many of our neighbors in
    Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, and most recently in England, America and Pakistan. Teach us to teach that is wrong to run a sword
    through those who ride recklessly on the crest of tempestuous waves.

    Protect us and increase our understanding beautiful all-wise God of peace; for the waves of unprovoked violence and war are
    horrendous and terrible.

    Fellow students of life, let’s wrestle in study and pray to God so that He protects us fully from all varieties of wicked waves that could hold up our progress toward increased purity.

    Our study shall focus on the holy wisdom of God, Our Bringer of joy, who perfects the faith that He plants in our heart.

    O what a privilege it is to journey confidently and boldly unto sovereign God. Treasured Dads and Mums, only God Our greatest Treasure can truly teach us His way of peace.

    O God, Our Father, we heartily congratulate You for planting a desire in our inner being to commit to Your divine truth more and more fully.

    Holy Father, draw us back to the stillness of Your shore; so that we can walk together in intimate fellowship distant from the shore of worldliness.

    Draw us back to the stillness of Your soothing shore; so that we can
    experience the beginning of Your unique love in our life and continue a cherished time together; for we long for our love for You to flow with purer and purer delight.

    O Father God, there is nothing pertaining to our life that Your compassionate heart cannot warm. Touch our fragile soul

    whenever it suffers from the frostbite of frustration with Your healing hand; so that we who seek ever increasingly to be intrepid, diligent, loyal and loving servants in Your service can serve You more consistently with a smile on our face instead of a frown.

    Touch us today with Your healing truth; so that we can respond ultra willingly to Your righteous holy voice. Touch Your oft

    times, muddled mariners; so that the waves of self-interest in our not always clean heart are cleansed and stilled by You.

    Although we worship You Our unique blessing, holy God, we need Your daily encouragement so very much. We realize that we will
    need Your help daily if we are to accomplish sailing feats that Your noble mind will warm to.

    Help us, Almighty God, Our Giver of strength, to stretch forth our hands; so that we can find the safety of Your holy,
    healing, happiness-promoting hands.

    Touch us again with Your purifying hands; so that mightily encouraged, inspired and empowered we can face, surmount and
    triumph over the seas of uncertainty that every man and woman must journey through, in order for their bond of commitment to You be sealed.

    Treasured mariners sailing about in testing seas, warmest congratulations on your inner heart’s announcement that you desire
    to to seek after God Himself, the most prized jewel in God’s ocean of love.

    Intrepid mariners, be encouraged even if you feel, from time to time, that you are being splashed about rather unpleasantly;

    for God certainly blesses those who set out determined to journey deeper and deeper into His living truth.

    Be mightily encouraged for God truly delights to bless us to accomplish beautiful things that will bring glory to His name.

    Novice mariners, congratulations for clinging tenaciously to God’s truth.
    May God keep you all buoyant as you show yourselves more than happy, despite squally showers and stormy seas to venture unto Him.

    How true it is that the courage to explore for increased wisdom will always be rewarded by Our majestic Teacher and What a reward you shall bring back intrepid mariners; for in finding God, with an immense amount of help from Him, you will find a greatly to be esteemed Teacher and Friend to treasure greatly in this lifetime and in eternity.

    Intrepid mariners, treasure your time sailing closer and closer to God’s ark of safety called “God loves you” and you will
    soon find that your boat is being steered by Him in the direction that He desires it to be steered.

    Sing forth, day by day, with your voice full of thankfulness for the blessings that God is bestowing upon you salvation-focused mariners.

    Lord God have mercy on us and draw us to You, Our great Protector, for where You reign reigns also Your blessed ark of safety.

    Draw us to Your pure-hearted Teacher; so that empowered by You we can draw
    closer to loving and understanding You.

    Draw us to thee, O God, so that we need no longer salivate self-satisfied, self-righteously and smug over our own

    Draw us to thee, O heart-warming God; for the more You delight in us the more we can delight in You.

    And draw us to thee, Our eternal Author of happiness and prosperity, so that we can walk contently hand in hand together.

    Great warm-hearted Giver of life and listener of our prayers You truly are more beautiful than beautiful.

    We thank You immensely, Our wonderful God, for taking our faltering faith and thank You immensely for always being our
    richest blessing in every aspect pertaining to life.

    Touch us Our gracious, just, holy God.

    Touch our thinking, emotions and decision-making faculties again and again; so that forevermore our hungering and thirsting
    shall be ever-increasingly to praise You, to thank You and to adore You.

    O yes, love us so lovingly, so that we can courageously and confidently bear witness that You are Our inspiration.

    Restore our soul, eternal Shepherd God, so that we can proceed to fight faithfully and victoriously to teach and feed our
    families, friends and neighbours Your thoughts, feelings and decisions as expressed in Your Holy writings.

    Be brave and conscientious, fellow mariners.
    Pursue God and His gift of holiness and you will discover that God is a God of exquisite nearness and justice.

    All wintry wanderings are just for a season and a blissful summer of happiness awaits you as motivated by pure desire you

    keep coming before Your Maker and the One who sustains with rejoicing, thankful hearts.

    May a summer of increased health and happiness always be just a song of
    thanksgiving away for you, precious friends. And just as in past times many others have found Our Creator’s all glorious love, so also seasoned believers, or new seekers like you can experience heaven’s best.

    Whenever your soul is hungering and thirsting after righteousness call upon
    God by surrendering your time and talent to His safekeeping.

    Sail on with boldness and you too will discover that He is Your eternal Summer
    and longs also be considered by you your truest Friend. Humble searchers sing another song in praise of God’s beauty!

    Sail on boldly into God’s harbour of holiness singing, studying, praying and working diligently to honour the written and
    eternal writings of God; so that God can empower and bless you to trust wholeheartedly in Him.

    Faithful Father, we long for You with our deepest longing to open Your beautiful, holy, healing arms to us.

    Loving Redeemer Lord God, assist lovers of selflessness until they have sailed successfully closer and closer to You and find themselves relaxing hand-in-hand with Their Beloved Shepherd King sharing His footprints of faith on the sands of God’s shore where every human heart sings with delight as it is washed gently clean in the gracious salvation and glory-to-glorifying
    love of Our Creator.

    We will love You and praise You Our pure delight and holy God always. Amen.

  6. Oh my goodness Abdur, what have you stirred here? Amen to “God is a reality to be experienced”…beautifully put. All believers know there is only One God–whatever His name happens to be in any language. In Spanish it is “Dios”. And blessed Jesus last words were, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. Anyway, as always, love your posts. Blessings to you and yours.

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