Love’s Never-Ending Road

Peace, one and all…


The fields of knowledge are wide and hidden within them are many gardens to beguile the eye and delight the mind and soul.  We are charged with entering those fields, and with bringing forth a good and useful harvest.  We are charged with learning, so that we might thereby become more than we are.  We are charged with learning so that we might become what we are truly meant to be.

Learning is a blessing and a treasure: it is our human birthright and also a privilege, a visible sign of God’s mercy.  Through knowledge we grow.  Through knowledge we traverse these fields of life.  And yet, when we have reached the end of the very last field, we come to another shore entirely.  We are confronted there by the infinite oceans of feeling, of spirit, of love.

As I am slowly beginning to discover, knowledge is like the earth and love is like the sea.  Sometimes, that sea strides to earth and snatches us away from ourselves.  And sometimes, the sea carries us back to the place we began from, transforming the road ahead into a pilgrimage of love.  It is as though the whole of knowledge were a billion miles wide and yet merely the first step on love’s never-ending road!

Wa akhiru da’wana an il hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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