Truth is Wherever You Want it

Peace, one and all…


‘We entered the house of realisation,
we witnessed the body.

The whirling skies, the many-layered earth,
the seventy-thousand veils,
we found in the body.

The night and the day, the planets,
the words inscribed on the Holy Tablets,
the hill that Moses climbed, the Temple,
and Israfil’s trumpet, we observed in the body.

Torah, Psalms, Gospel, Quran –
what these books have to say,
we found in the body.

Everybody says these words of Yunus
are true.  Truth is wherever you want it.
We found it all within the body.

(Yunus Emre, trans. Shaykh Kabir Helminski and Rafik Algan)


4 thoughts on “Truth is Wherever You Want it

  1. Forgive me for a comment not related to the post. There is an excellent new blog dedicated to a book called: *An Incomplete History: The Muslims of Spain Post 1492 in a Global Context and its Relevance to Muslims Today*

    The situation of the Muslims living in the West today poses a striking similarity to the situation of the Muslims in Al- Andalus post 1492 (when the last Muslim ruler surrendered the last Muslim stronghold of Granada to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella). This marked the official end to Islamic rule in Al- Andalus. The end of Islamic rule was also marked by the Capitulations of Granada which was signed between Abu Abdullah Muhammad the Twelfth and the Spanish Crown of Castille. The agreement seemed to be made binding upon the Spanish Crown of Castille but as the reader shall see, it was broken within ten years after the agreement was put into effect.

    Muslims lived in Andalus for at least two hundred years after the fall (1492). Their lives were not easy. In many cases they were forced to give up their identities, could not practice Islam in public, they were not allowed to speak Arabic (and therefore could not pray in congregation) or even give their children Muslim names! So what began as tolerance for the practice of Islam in Al- Andalus and allowing for their affairs to be judged under Shari’ah courts (Capitulations of Granada) slowly but surely led to the persecution of the Muslims of Al-Andalus until no trace of Islam in Andalus was to be found.

  2. Salam AbdurRahman!

    “May Yunus hop like a partridge!”
    so ends another wonderful poem reproduced in the blog Wild Dervish Writes.
    Srinivas Rau

  3. al-salamu alaikum History of al-Andalus,

    Welcome to my online home. Allah bless you always. I will check out the blog you suggest so kindly, insha Allah. Thank you for suggesting it.

  4. Salam Srinivas Rau,

    I’ll have to stop by Wild Dervish Writes and take a look insha Allah. Yunus Emre is one of my favourite poets

    May we all hop like partridges!

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