You Closed My Book

Peace, one and all…


You Closed My Book

You closed my book of poetry
and turned me to gaze
into the depths
of my own raw soul.

I heard Your love-reproach in the dark,
whispering into my heart
as a song of hope
in all those times of starless gloom.

‘Take My broom to all the dusty corners
of your soul, ibn al-sabil;
for what beloved could make a home
in such a ragged cave?’

Abdur Rahman, 12th March 2009


5 thoughts on “You Closed My Book

  1. “for what beloved could make a home in such a ragged cave?”

    Beautiful as always, Abdur. Your own poetry is always uplifting, and always makes me think. Have you ever thought of self-publishing a collection of your poetry using or similar? I’d buy it!


  2. Peace Tess,

    I’m glad you enjoyed my poem, and am especially glad you found it uplifting. Anything right in it comes from Allah. Only the mistakes are mine. I have thought about collecting it together, but I haven’t really written very much for a while (for the reasons outlined in this poem). Moreover, with 3 young kids and a full time job, spare time is a rare thing indeed!

    Allah bless you always

    Abdur Rahman

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