Relationships are the Essence of Life

Peace, one and all…


Relationships are part of the essence of life.  The older I get, the more fundamental I understand relationships to be.  The more I learn, the more I realise just how much I can learn from the relationships I currently have, as well as those I seek to develop.  I have learnt so much about myself during the past few years by simply observing myself as I relate to others.  I have also learnt much by watching how others relate to me.

Every relationship I strengthen helps me strengthen my relationship with God.  And, every time I strive to develop my relationship with God I learn a bit more about relating to others.  In an important sense, relationships are like a dance, in which both partners move in harmony, whilst each allowing the other space within which to express their uniqueness, their individuality.

There is a relationship I hope to develop more fully, one in which a great sharing of hearts beckons.  With God’s help, this relationship will blossom and flourish.  But then, even if it doesn’t, the very fact of desiring such a bond has much to teach me.

May God allow me to learn every lesson He wishes to teach me.  And all success comes from God.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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