Jashne Ahmade Rasool

Peace one and all…


Sunday is Milad al-Nabi, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (alaihi al-salatu wa al-salam).  In honour of the Prophet (alaihi al-salatu wa al-salam), I wanted to share some beautiful naats, and other things.  Enjoy and may Allah bless Muhammad, his family and those who follow him, until the day of judgement.

Badar Miandad: Jashne Ahmade Rasool (Part 1)

Badar Miandad: Jashne Ahmade Rasool (Part 2)

And as an added bonus, here’s a very personal accapella version of one of my favourite qawwals, Ali Maula Ali Maula, Ali Dam Dam, sung by Jaswant Hans

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


2 thoughts on “Jashne Ahmade Rasool

  1. as alaikum
    Mashallah v.gd effort. God will give u reward for your work.I want qawali meri arzu mohammad meri justaju madina heard on qtv but dont know the name of qawal plz find for me as soon as possible. shukran jazakallah

  2. Wa alaikum salam Jagani,

    Welcome to my online home. Allah bless you always. I love qawwali. Unfortunately I’ve not heard of that particular qawwal before. Most of the ones here are from You Tube. Insha Allah, you can find them there.

    Ma’as salama,
    Abdur Rahman

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