Come to Life’s Dance

Peace, one and all…


Although, since my post on the private sema of morning, snow has returned to Merthyr Tydfil, Cardiff continues to blossom under the newly arriving spring.  As I walked to the library this afternoon, I was greeted by bright, slowly warming sunshine.  And, as I basked in this unexpected and welcome blessing, I briefly felt the orderly turning of the heavens around me, a sudden assurance that all is indeed right with the world.

The universe sways around us, involved in its own ecstatic dance of love.  Later on, as I made wudu, I had a sudden flash of intuition, which felt important: to perceive life’s sacred dance, we must take part in it.  Perception is, it seems, linked to involvement, to participation.  The more I participate in this dance, the more of it I can see, and hear and feel.  Conversely, the more I sit on the sidelines, in stubborn refusal, the more my vision is obscured – to the point that I no longer hear the music, or even believe in its existence!

May Allah help us all to take part in life’s sacred dance, and may we all be blessed with the heart’s direct vision of life’s unfolding truth.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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