The Beginning of Love

Peace, one and all…


al-Daylami relates that al-Harith al-Muhasibi said:

‘The beginning of love is when hearts remember the blessings of God, His benevolence, His kindness, His favours and His grace’


8 thoughts on “The Beginning of Love

  1. Assalamu alaikum Br. Abdur Rahman

    Very profound quotation.
    The beginning of Love marks the beginning of self realization which is the path of knowing the Beloved.

    I hope you are well, may Allah bless you.


    A.H Katib

  2. The beginning of love is love Himself. God is love and minute by minute He blesses us all with His gracious, healing love.

    Without God initially blessing, teaching and empowering us to respond to His love we could never understand and remember how right it is to praise Him for all His blessings, His benevolence, His kindness, His favours and gracious acts toward us.

    Abdur and friends, I’ve been greatly priviliged by God to discover that the Author of life, God, can cast out any dark clouds that swirl about in our mind.

    I’ve been greatly priviliged to discover also that the Author of life, God, is a planter of inspiring dreams in the human heart.

    I’ve also been greatly priviliged by God to discover that the best desire of all to have is to decide to love God above all the other possible loves in the world.

    It is true that when our five senses are healthy their feedback will give us a sense of how wonderful God’s entire creation is.

    Truly His magnificent blessings are within and around us, if only we open our physical and spiritual eyes to behold them.

    However, in order to fight for the spiritual health of our fellow man faith that works through pure love is required.

    So let us set our heart, treasured readers, on honouring God and He will give our dreams that truly honor His clean name flight to the glory of His majestical name.

    May God bless you all with His life-enriching love, so that the dreams in your
    heart that God has already planted flourish and grow powerful purity-seeking wings.

    Be mightily encouraged for God loves you with a phenomenally beautiful, life-enhancing love. Amen.

  3. Wa alaikum salaam Br. Katib,

    Al hamdu lillah, my family and I are well. Beneath the last layer of ‘me’ lies God, the uttermost ground of all things. Behind the last veil of the stars stands God, Creator and Fashioner of all the worlds.

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Peace Josef,

    A big yes to your post here….even though, in a human sense, the beginnings of love emerge when we think about our own insignificance and God’s utter majesty, it is essential to remember that this gift itself comes from God. The very act of turning towards God is a gift from God itself.

    Ya Allah!

  5. “The very act of turning towards God is a gift from God itself” May we all become lost in love for our Creator, our Lover, our reason for being…The One who guides us to His wisdom and care.

    Love makes the world go round, Spring sprout new life, snow melt into water and is every purifying and renewing…LOVE to all forever and ever.

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