It Should Be Understood

Peace, one and all…


‘It should be understood that the lower soul, satan, or the devil, and the angels are not things external to you.  You are them.  Likewise, heaven, earth and the divine throne are not outside you; nor are paradise, hell, life or death.  All these things exist within you, as you will realise once you have – deo volente – accomplished the initiatic journey and become pure’
(Najm al-Din Kubra Fawa’ih, 32)


4 thoughts on “It Should Be Understood

  1. Salaam AbdurRahman!
    A glorious post!
    A very crucial point is what is “understood” and “realised”.Many sayings of mystics are understood in some sense(as inspiring poetry,perhaps) but not realised as truths.Attar has the superb analogy of the Birds realising themselves in their effort to find the perfect Bird! Srinivas Rau

  2. Salams Srinivas Rau,

    I came across this passage recently and ever since I first read it, it has been burning a hole in my mind. There is so much to this short passage that it is almost like a doorway to some other place.

    I really do appreciate what you say of the difference between understanding and realisation. Allah! Now that I’ve grown a little older, I really do see the difference between intellectual and experiential knowledge.

    May God open every part of me to the truth.

  3. Salaam AbdurRahman!
    Sri Ramakrishna pointed out the use of an almanac:if it predicts rain one does not squeeze it for water;one prepares for rain.
    I am a mathematics teacher at a technical college;I see the difference between quoting a theorem and proving it! Srinivas Rau

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